Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Next Chapter

 Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately but we have been busy with our new home! That's right- we are now homeowners! Anyone who knows me knows I hate change and I probably would have lived in our high-rise forever but that's not really realistic considering we have a very active almost two year-old! But we have been in the new house for two weeks now and already we are feeling comfortable and "at home." Below are a few pictures of our move and getting settled into our new digs!

Dinner in our new home the day we closed

Moving day!

This apartment was where we brought Jack home from the hospital.
So many great memories were made here

 We ended making a few cosmetic changes to the house. See below before/after:



I love ho candles bring a sense of calm to a hectic environment

So many options!




Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Perfect Birthday Weekend

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are having a fantastic summer! This past weekend BS decided to surprise me and plan some birthday festivities a few days early! Friday night we relaxed and BS cooked me a yummy dinner (lamb & steak with roasted potatoes & summer squash/zucchini.) Saturday morning we ran errands and hit the pool earlier in the day and then we had plans to go over to our friend LG & MG's house a little later in the day. Well, as we are walking into their home I was greeted with a big SURPRISE!!! A bunch of our friends had shown up for a birthday party! It was so great and meant so much! BS had yummy drinks and a whole spread prepared so we all hit the pool and had a fabulous afternoon. Later that night I get out of the shower to see Jack's babysitter sitting in our living room and BS telling me that we are going out to dinner just the two of us. Another great surprise! But when we show up to the restaurant LG, MG, CM & TM are all there! Such a great birthday weekend thanks to my wonderful husband and amazing friends!

Saturday morning cuteness!

Someone's ready to hit the pool!

Totally surprised!

Cuties and their watermelons

So grateful