Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How far a long? 21 weeks
Due Date? October 31, 2013
Gender? BOY!
Any names?  Yep!
Maternity Clothes? NO! Thank GOD...I'm going to try to go the entire pregnancy sans maternity wear... Crazy?
Sleep? Sleeping like a baby per usual. Turning over is getting a little more difficult.

Movement? Baby S is VERY active!

Food Craving? Wine, Sushi (both things I can't have!) and Watermelon

Food aversions: CHICKEN!

Morning sickness? Never had any! Very lucky to have had such an easy breezy pregnancy so far (fingers crossed!)
Baby's Room Set Up? Not yet

What I miss? Vino, Sushi, Oysters...Tartar of any kind!
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