Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting in the Fall Spirit!

Living in Houston it is difficult to get into the fall spirit...especially when it is 87 degrees in October and you constantly have the AC running! Also the fact that the leaves aren't changing. As a born and raised New Englander it was always easy to embrace fall this time of year. Everyone would be sporting their new fall clothes (quilted jackets, boots and sweaters), restaurants would showcase their new fall menus, leaves would be falling and there would be a crispness to the air that begged for you to wear that cozy cashmere scarf you've been waiting months to wear! I now find myself turning the AC up and putting on cozy, thick socks just for an excuse to snuggle under a big, heavy throw! Below are a few ideas that can get you in the fall mood no matter where you live!

Fall Tablescape

A new cozy throw

Fall scented candle- this really helps!

Whip up a hearty meal!

New take on decorating pumpkins

Make a Spice Cake!

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