Thursday, June 19, 2014

Are Birkenstocks Really Back?

I think I have been living under a rock for the past few months or maybe I'm just subconsciously ignoring the fact that the Birkenstock is/has been making a comeback. I was talking to my sister a few weeks ago (who now works at Lucky magazine) and she says to me "Did you know that the Birkenstock is back?" I immediately thought really?? and then from that conversation on, I see them popping up everywhere! I know...shocking! The Birkenstock was always seen as a staple in the "hippie/burnout" wardrobe in the 90's. Now, designers like Céline are bringing them back?!
"There was a moment at the Céline spring 2013 show in Paris last fall, as models shuffled out in cozy fur-lined slip-ons, when a collective sigh of relief rippled through the fashion crowd. “That silhouette was universally considered ugly,” says contributor Katherine Bernard. “But Phoebe Philos luxe reinterpretation of a Birkenstock got me thinking. It’s like the most comfortable sandal in the world is having a stylish renaissance.” With its squishy cork footbed, roomy toe box, and thick buckled straps, the sturdy, sensible sole has been embraced by others besides Bernard. In fact, fashion editors in these very hallways have been bringing their secret love of the jolie-laide shoe into the light of day. “I’ve been wearing them around the house forever, but recently I’ve taken fancier versions out into the world, too,” says Associate Accessories Editor Jorden Bickham. “When my husband sees them, he says I’m lucky that we’re already married, but honestly I think it’s so much more sexy to be slightly underdressed, like you’re not trying too hard.”- Vogue

I'm not sure if I'll be able to hop on this fashion bandwagon but to eaches own!

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