Thursday, September 18, 2014

Air Travel with a 10-Month Old

Traveling with baby...sounds daunting. Now try traveling with baby by yourself...YIKES! I have traveled with baby Jack a few times solo now so I thought I'd offer up a few tips that I've found helpful. Don't worry, it's not scary!

Booking Your Flight:
I like to book our flights around baby Jack's nap time. That way, once we get on the plane he has his bottle, let the white noise of the engines work their magic and the he's off to sleep!

Check Bags:
BS and I were always carry-on people...those days are over. The good thing is that your stroller & car seat both check free (yay!) Buy one of these to protect your car seat. We have the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller so we break that down at home and pack it in its travel bag and check that too.

We put baby Jack in his Baby Bjorn and carry his diaper bag. You don't have to "take off your baby" when you go thru security which makes this portion of the trip a breeze! All we have to do is remove his liquids (ready to use formula in a plastic bag which TSA will just put into a machine for testing.) The carrier is also great when traveling alone with your baby so you can be hands-free and more importantly, use the restroom!

Below is how I pack the little man's diaper bag for a flight:

I bring an iPad (Netflix baby videos are great!) and My "stuff" is in the LV

A few toys (I like to keep everything in plastic bags so I can find things easily in the bag)

Food! Formula, Puffs, a cup for water and Jack's new obsession, bread

Diapers & Wipes

2 extra comfy outfits, a burp cloth (or 2) and 2 pairs of socks

Books & a blanket

Baby Bjorn

A stuffed animal for snuggling!

Enjoy your flight!

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