Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. I can't believe its September! Hard to tell when its 95 degrees everyday! We had a pretty low key weekend.

A little Friday evening dip in the pool

Followed by fun in the tub

Hit up music class on Saturday

Grabbed some lunch at Paulie's

Relaxed Friday evening with this beauty

Hit up Trader Joe's and grabbed this yummy whole grain mustard!
Perfect with cheese and crackers

Another TJ favorite!

BS went to the Texans game on Sunday so Jack and I were left to our own devices...that meant a little fall shopping...like usual we ended up with all stripes

And a new pair of shoes!

It was crummy weather here on Sunday so I turned up the AC, put on some cozy sweats and slippers and whipped up a skillet roast chicken!
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