Monday, October 6, 2014

Lets Catch Up...

Hey Everyone! Sorry I've been delinquent on my posts as of late. Last week was a little hectic needless to say. Baby Jack got sick. First it was just a little cold and then it turned into a stomach bug! Started Monday and ended Friday! It's always a little scary when your baby gets sick but it's extra nerve-wracking when it's your first baby and their first bug! Luckily the little guy didn't have a fever so I whipped up a batch of my homemade chicken soup on Monday and the little man lived off of that all week (that and Pedialyte was a he could keep down.) Unfortunately, our little host-money passed it on to BS- I managed to escape the week unscathed. And in the midst of all this mess, BS and I had our 4th wedding anniversary! Time is seriously flying! By Saturday, everyone was 100% so we got some tacos for lunch and then met our friends MG, LG & TM for a couple drinks outside (it was seriously gorgeous weather in H-town this past weekend. Sunday BS watched the little man so I could do some solo shopping and then we cozied up with some bolognese later that night. Hope youall had a great weekend! 

This little guy was up to 2 baths a day- only placed he seemed happy!
The best medicine!
Lounging on the couch

TGIF and feeling better!

4 Years!

I love you!

Tacos for lunch on Saturday!

MG & Baby Jack

My new favorite shoes

Cute little storage bag

In need of a new pair of sneaks...these are cute but I think I need something brighter?

LOVE my new, super comfy Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf

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