Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

Hi Everyone! A little slow on my weekend update...sorry! We had a great weekend. Friday night BS came home with flowers and decided to make dinner- score! Probably because he knows the little man has been running me ragged lately! We had a bottle of champs leftover from New Years so we popped that and had yummy steaks and watched Homeland (obsessed.) Saturday BS watched the little man in the morning so I could run some errands and then we headed over to our CM & TM's place to watch the Pats game!


Snuggles with this guy!

Saturday morning bed head!
Saturday morning dishes!

New favorite toy :)

Helping Uncle TM fly his remote control helicopter

Hangin with the boys

Checking out his little buddy LGG


Up waaay past his bedtime watching the Golden Globes
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