Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

Hi Everyone! So I have seriously been lacking with the posts lately (let's be serious, I only do 'Scenes from the Weekend' and "5 Things') and I'm going to try not to blame it on my very active 16 month old! Bare with me, I am going to try to be better! OK, now that that is out of the way...Friday night started off great with our new fig tree delivery (I know, I know, WILD Friday night.) I love this company. They are super fast with their orders and they will delivery and set up your order for free! Saturday morning I made cinnamon rolls as a special little treat. There is something about coffee and a cinnamon roll...yum! not that that is going to become a habit. Then, after our first sugar crash we hit up Dunkin Donuts before the playground so little man could get his first taste of a munchkin and Mom and Dad could get more coffee! Saturday night we attended the Texas Independence Day party at River Oaks Country Club. It was a fun night with great friends. Sunday we spent recovering and spent the afternoon outside enjoying the 80 degree weather with our friends LG, MG & LGG. Below are a few pics:

Our second fig tree. Love it!

Patiently waiting for his sugary treat


First munchkin!

Fun night with these ladies

Sunday shenanigans in the park (LGG in Jack's dump truck)

Straight chillin
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