Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. We've been dealing with some sleep issues over here. Baby Jack has been having some trouble getting used to sleeping in the new house and mix that with entering (almost) 2 yr old sleep regression as well as  inner ear issues it's been a little exhausting to say the least. I think things are starting to get better so fingers crossed! Minus the sleep issues we have managed to still have some fun around her! Below are a few pictures:

Jack was complaining about ear pain so we took him to the doctor and it turns out he has some compacted earwax in his ear. I'm guilty for cleaning his ears with Qtips...
definitely won't be using them anymore on him!

Up all night...No fun :(

My little handyman helping me build his new table and chairs set!

Trip to the zoo! Eating a banana like the monkeys

Got ourselves a pumpkin!

Fun at LGG's 1st Birthday!

The little Miss looking cute as ever!

Jack couldn't help getting a piece of the action


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