Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

 Hi Everyone! We had a fun filled weekend! Saturday we hit up Jack's friend Graham's 2nd birthday and then had our first block party (God I feel old) that evening. Sunday we woke up and it was 59 degrees! Finally felt like fall (even though by noon it was in the mid 80's...oooooh Texas.) We decided to grab some breakfast at Tiny's No. 5 and then hit up a couple nurseries because we have been wanting to change the landscaping in front of our house. We spent the rest of the day ripping out the old plants and putting in the new ones. Although it was a lot of hard work, there is definitely something to be said for doing it yourself...that sense of accomplishment at the end of a good work day is such a great feeling! Below are a few pictures:

Jack needed a new fall jacket (even though its been in the 90's here) so we scooped this one up and he actually wore it the following morning!

If I need to kill a solid hour we always hit up a toy store so he can get his fix!

Graham's train-themed birthday was a big hit!

Saturday night block party!

He skipped dinner and went straight for a cupcake...naturally

Brisk Sunday morning at the playground before breakfast

Any excuse to whip out the cashmere

Bedhead and a cinnamon bun

Nothing better
Let the DIY project commence! Pulled everything out
All done! We went with rosemary bushes, olive bushes & hawthorn bushes. The rosemary is so fragrant!

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