Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hey Everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts- we've had a lot going on. Most importantly, I'd like to announce that we are expecting a baby boy in May! So happy to finally have that information out in the open! Keeping that big of a secret is tough! We also celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday and Halloween. Below are a few pictures over the last couple weeks.

Baby boy #2!
My little man's first school picture!
Fun birthday present from Uncle SS

Looking like a little man in his jeans :)

My parents came down to babysit and celebrate the little guys birthday

Picking out some birthday presents

One of the gifts he chose

A super cool tractor from his Oma & Opa!

Making cookies on his birthday

We spent all day singing and blowing out candles

Played a little with the neighbors...this is what happens when you're the youngest kid on the block

Being silly in Mama's boots

My sister CAC was in town and we went to get our rings cleaned...and also tried on some jewels...
love this one

Headed over to Tiny's for a little tea and lunch to warm up from all the rain (wish it was vino)

First trick-o-treat! He was a train conductor

Hanging with the neighborhood kids before the festivities began

Uncle Jay came over for dinner and to help pass out candy

Had some friends over to help celebrate the little man turning 2!

Party's' over

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