Thursday, November 17, 2016


Where have the last 3 weeks gone!? I feel like I've been in a autopilot-haze. Our house got hit hard by the fall cold season. The boys had the common cold, stomach bug and Jack got hand, foot and mouth...I cringed just typing that. You know when you just feel "contaminated?" Like, I didn't even want to breathe in my own home! I went thru one large can of Lysol (can you OD on Lysol inhalation?) I sprayed anyone and everything. Well it worked! Everyone got better and just when I thought I made it hit me like a ton of bricks. EXHAUSTION. I physically couldn't do anything. I slept for 20 hours (minus an hour to shower and have something to eat) and then I was back in the game-like I had a choice! I was talking to a few of my girlfriends and we honestly don't know how single parents do it. I am grateful that my husband was able to be flexible with his schedule so that I could stop and shut down the engines for a while and get myself healthy. So this post is dedicated to all the incredible Mom's. It's so important to have "Mom" friends (even better when they don't feel like Mom friends- just great girlfriends) but just people in your life to share the joys and struggles (especially when you are up to your elbows in barf and shit) that we face everyday trying to mold these little people into who they are supposed to be. And of course those wonderful hubbys that step right in an do it ALL! THANK YOU!

The beginning of the end (10 seconds later he barfed everywhere)

Sick but cute

They were good sports and put on their Minion costumes just so we could document Halloween 2016

Felt ok to pass out candy

River Oaks donuts make everything better 

When the boys were feeling well enough we took them to Kemah for a "truck show"

Jack loved it because he got to get in all the different trucks

Even the wheel of a monster truck

A little lunch by the water

Jack was dyyyyyying to go on this speed boat...

We got soaked- not pleased

BS went to Austin for the night to go to a UT game with his buddy so it was just me and the boys...took them to the Farmer's Market in hopes that Jack would start eating vegetables

He went for the bread 

Teddy on the other hand...

Farmer's Market yumminess

And obviously we needed a cake pop from Starbies

Feeling better

Boys in bed- time for Mom to relax- yes that's a Coors Light

This guy came home from school the day I got hit by everything and didn't want to leave my room.
Love the little moments (especially with boys) when you see their inner sweetness come out.

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